Safety First & High-quality

The DC voltage of traditional series inverter can be up to 1500 V, which is easy to cause fire, while the VaySunic micro inverter system can ensure that the DC voltage is less than 60V, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazard.

Convenient & Easy.

The VaySunic solar power system can be hung, tiled and easily installed on the balcony without affecting the safety of the building structure, providing you with more convenient and affordable access to clean energy.

Helpful & Cost-effective

VaySunic is committed to providing convenience for apartment and house, especially in urban towns and villages where the power grid is underdeveloped or the cost of electricity is high,effectively solve the shortage of electricity.

Green & Energy-saving

VaySunic provides power for agricultural equipment and reduce the constraints of distance, terrain and power grid for farm operations, which greatly saves operating costs and provides efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly green high-tech energy.



Provide free technical consultation;
Design entirety solutions according to customer requirements;
Determine the technical scheme and sign the technical agreement.

In sales

Professional team on-site tracking;
Support customer site inspection and project validation;
Provide professional solution optimization suggestions.


Provide after-sales technical consultation and training services;
Improve the product according to customer requirements;
Support product online update;
Quick response from 30 after-sales centers around the world, Within 8 hours emergency actions,24h on-site treatment.