Microinverter -VM Series

VaySunic VM Series, flagship series of VaySunic technology, offers a range of power options (from 350w to 2000w) ideal for residential settings like rooftops, balconies, and gardens.

Solar Hybrid Water Heating- VSWH Series

VaySunic's innovative solar water heaters connect to solar panels and intelligently switch between sunlight and AC power on rainy days, maximizing versatility and efficiency.

Gateway- SCG Series

VaySunic SCG Series integrates up to 400m distance and 199 panels for both residential connectivity, featuring smart monitoring, easy on-site installation, signal encrypted design, and safety protection.

Monitoring Platform - VaySunic Cloud

VS Cloud is an innovative platform that combines a brand new visual interface for clarity and easy navigation with real-time data access, remote control capabilities, and seamless integration into a user-friendly cloud-based system.

Easy Operation, One-click Grid Connection in 20 Seconds.

The VM series by VaySunic employs an entirely self-developed innovative topology, addressing grid connection challenges at a technical level. With just a single tap on the app, users can successfully connect to the grid within 20 seconds. Homeowners can effortlessly install the system themselves with plug-and-play convenience, eliminating the need for additional electricians or prolonged technical procedures. This truly achieves a zero-threshold enjoyment of household energy, allowing even non-technical individuals to use it with ease. Each product comes with a straightforward installation manual, simplifying the process and bidding farewell to complex terminology.

Humanized Design and User-Friendly Interface for Clear and Concise Monitoring.

VaySunic has steadfastly pursued independent research and development, steering clear of the common operational software issues found in mainstream products. This dedication has led to the creation of the VaySunic Cloud, an innovative smart energy scheduling app tailored exclusively for their use. This app empowers users to manage grid connections, monitor daily energy generation and consumption, and observe household energy dynamics through various intuitive interfaces.

Reliable Warranty Agreement Extendable to 25 Years

Experience peace of mind with VaySunic's warranty, which can be extended up to 25 years, ensuring homeowners uninterrupted usage for extended periods. Furthermore, VaySunic boasts a dedicated European-based after-sales team, eliminating time zone barriers. Any after-sales queries are addressed within 48 hours. With localized warehouse management, exchanges and returns are swiftly processed without lengthy delays. VaySunic is committed to delivering both quality products and ongoing service updates, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction beyond the point of sale.

100% EMC Compliant, Guaranteeing Security and Adherence to Standards

VaySunic is dedicated to refining every detail of our technology and production processes. Our meticulously crafted products meet all certification and compliance standards, including 100% EMC compliance. This ensures that our users can achieve energy independence and flexible energy management in a safe and stable environment. Each step of our production line is fully traceable, allowing us to track any product issue back to its source. We are committed to providing clear and transparent after-sales service, with no room for ambiguity.

Operates at Full Load in 65°C, Exceptional Environmental Adaptability

VaySunic products are designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, including full load performance even at temperatures from -40°C to 65°C. Compared to mainstream products on the market, our solutions offer superior power generation capabilities, particularly during the peak heat of mid-afternoon. This ensures that users can rely on consistent energy usage at home, even in extreme weather conditions, providing peace of mind without any concerns.

Starting Voltage as Low as 14V, Strong Low-Light Power Generation

The VaySunic microinverter operates within a voltage range of 14-63V. This means that even in low-light conditions, the VaySunic microinverter can start quickly and run stably, demonstrating exceptional low-light startup performance. This ensures that your photovoltaic system performs optimally under all weather conditions.

MPPT Efficiency: Up to 99.8%

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is an advanced algorithm technology that allows microinverters to track the optimal operating point of photovoltaic (PV) modules in real time. This reduces power fluctuations caused by changes in sunlight or module aging, helping to maintain stable system operation and lower maintenance costs.
The V Series microinverters boast an MPPT efficiency of up to 99.8%, meaning virtually no energy is lost. This impressive figure is due to the precise circuit design and advanced control strategies within the microinverters, leading to higher energy self-sufficiency and lower electricity bills.

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