Reliable Product Monitoring with Multiple Certifications

VaySunic is a technology company dedicated to innovative product development. Both its software and hardware are independently developed, featuring a revolutionary topology that meets various compliance requirements. Prioritizing product stability and safety, VaySunic has earned grid connection certifications from multiple countries, including VDE, CE, and EMC. These certifications are recognized by leading testing laboratories, underscoring the reliability and excellence of VaySunic's products.

Stable Production and Supply Capabilities with Seamless Local Warehouse Integration

VaySunic perfects every detail to ensure each end user experiences the utmost professionalism in every product. Our smart assembly lines, equipped with MES systems, ensure complete traceability of products and materials. Comprehensive monitoring allows every machine sold to be traceable through each production stage, ensuring clear after-sales service. Our robust quality assurance system ensures continuous product refinement and has achieved multiple international grid and EMC compliance certifications. Additionally, our stable production lines can efficiently handle large-scale orders, with a monthly delivery volume exceeding 100,000 units.

Responsibility and Social Commitment

VaySunic is dedicated to building a local team that extends beyond the definition of an ordinary new energy technology company. We are a responsible platform providing comprehensive energy services. Amid global climate change and energy crises, we contribute to the advancement of human energy development. Our local team is equipped to promptly respond to various commercial cooperation issues, ensuring that VaySunic's technological approach promotes sustainable development. Through our commitment to responsibility and social dedication, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the energy sector and support the global transition to sustainable energy solutions.

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