VaySunic New Energy GmbH, located in the picturesque outskirts of Munich, Germany, is an innovative technology company dedicated to the development, production, and sales of photovoltaic microinverters and energy storage systems. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the global renewable energy industry, driving the widespread adoption and development of sustainable energy.


Products and Services

At VaySunic New Energy, we are committed to offering highly efficient and reliable microinverter and energy storage solutions to residential and commercial customers. Through meticulous enginaySunic New Energeering design and stringent quality control, our products aim to maximize solar energy conversion efficiency while ensuring ease of installation and maintenance. Beyond the development and manufacturing of core products, VaySunic New Energy also offers customized energy solutions to help customers optimize their energy setup, reduce costs, and enhance energy self-sufficiency.

lPhotovoltaic Microinverters: Utilizing advanced technology to increase the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels, providing optimized energy usage for both residential and commercial users.

lEnergy Storage Systems: Combining innovative technology to offer efficient and stable energy storage solutions, ensuring energy independence for users.

lCustomized Solutions: Offering personalized green energy solutions based on specific customer needs, assisting customers in their energy transition and upgrade.


Core Advantages

lInternational Operations: Founded by a team with a rich international background and experience, VaySunic New Energy has cultivated the European and American markets for many years, amassing extensive industry experience. With our marketing, technology, and service centers located in Munich, Germany, and our research and operations center in Wuxi, China, our international setup provides us with unique advantages and rich resources in product development and market expansion.

lOutstanding R&D Team: Our core team members have graduated from top-tier institutions such as the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and the top five engineering universities in China, boasting over twenty years of research experience and technical accumulation. We are committed to driving the development of green energy technology through continuous innovation.

lLocalized Service: With a service center in Munich, our European local team consists of seasoned market experts, technical elites, and customer service specialists, offering multilingual services including English, German, French, Italian, and Chinese. This ensures timely and effective technical support and services to our global customers, securing their satisfaction and trust.


Future Vision

VaySunic New Energy GmbH aspires to be a global leader in the field of photovoltaic microinverters and energy storage systems. Through ongoing technological innovation and superior customer service, we are dedicated to contributing to global sustainable development. We believe that with our intelligent and highly efficient energy solutions, we can collectively move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Our Values

Grow with employees, cooperate with partners for win-win results, coexist harmoniously with society.

Our Mission

Provide high-quality green renewable energy solutions for mankind

Our Vision

Become a leading manufacturer of power system in MLPE

Our Milestones



Certification completed; Short run production



Released second generation microinverter system; Set up manufacturing site



Established European sales center in the Nertherlands



Released first generation microinverter: 2-in-1



VaySunic established officially



Team set up

Our Clients

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